April 15, 2012

Mid-Day Walks

Mid-Day Walks

Flexible mid-day walks may be available in the area from Encinitas to Rancho Santa Fe as far south as Mira Mesa, and everything in between Del Mar and Poway. Special consideration to other areas, especially if you are a referral from an existing client.   If you fall outside of this area, please still inquire, because my schedule changes often.

Included with our Fitness Adventures:

  • Certified Dog Trainer walks the dogs ensuring dogs are properly managed and safety precautions are met.
  • Brisk Walk or Jog on neighborhood streets or nearby trails – on leash at all times.
  • Daily inventory or “output” reports left for owner (i.e. 3 pees, 2 poops)
  • Fresh water given during activity and afterward
  • Mix and Match Mid-Walks with Fitness Adventures for best value.
  • Client Referral Discount! (Refer someone and/or get referred for great savings)
  • Purchase monthly packages for best deal
  • Fuel surcharge may apply from certain locations

Rates start at just $25.

Walk – approximately 20-30 minute visit
Adventure – 45 minutes or more – See options below.

Need just a quick let-out and feed the dog dinner? $25 Per Visit

  • Getting home late? Stuck in traffic?
  • Dog needs dinner and a quick let out?
  • Dog park within walking distance? We’ll go! No More Suffering Dogs… Phew!
  • Going to a Chargers or Padres game but can’t come home before the game? Call us!
  • Business dinner, office party, can’t get home for the dog? Don’t WANT to come all the way home?
  • If you schedule well in advance, we can even do a late-night service in lieu of a full overnight service.