April 15, 2012

Basic Manners and Puppy Training

I’m going to let you in on a little secret……….   Most of “dog” training is actually “people” training.  Do you need training?  Great!  I’m here to help!

In partnership with Pupologie in Encinitas, we can help you get started off on the right foot, so you do it right the first time.


Family Integration Training – F.I.T

6 Sessions – 1x week 60-90 Minutes per session – Puppy’s First Month in the home
First Visit Should be *BEFORE* puppy arrives in your home.

This first month will determine the success or failure of your dog in the family, so let’s work with everyone in the home (roommates, frequent guests, extended family, and especially children).   You can make this first year miserable, and spend the following year undoing the bad habits the puppy learned from lack of guidance, or spend the first month being diligent and structured, and then next 15 years having fun with your well behaved compliant dog.

We’ll cover all the natural necessary puppy existence items:  Where and when to Potty, when to sit, down, stay, where to sleep, what to chew, what not to chew, and to enjoy other creatures that are not *you*.  Socialization is IMPERATIVE in this early period.  We’ll also cover how to handle the puppy and prepare for vet visits.  We’ll set up your dog’s play areas, cordon off forbidden areas of the house, etc.  Environmental manage as much as we can to make the adjustment easier!

Basic Puppy Manners and People Training

6 sessions of 60-90 minutes

Good habits are easy to start and bad habits are hard to break.  Sit, Down, Stay, Leave It, Off/On, Come, walk nicely on leash, Speak/Shhhh… lots of useful tricks to help your dog be a model good citizen at home and in public.  Have young kids?  We’ll teach them to speak Dog, while we help teach your dog to speak Human.

Seeking professional guidance to help you with your puppy is probably the most important decision you can make in starting and building your relationship with your dog or your new pet at any age.   I’ll help you build a great relationship with your dog that goes beyond a boss-follower dynamic.  Each client will participate in an in-home training cycle at a timeline appropriate for the puppy and client.

Gillian’s Training 3 Mottoes:

1. “You Get The Dog You Deserve”

If you choose to put in the work, effort and consistency into molding your dog’s behavior, you will see results and end up with the dog you want. It will take on-going reinforcement and practice to keep your dog in this condition. Your dog will not stay as fluid after training if you do not practice and enforce the behaviors. You cannot learn a language in a week, and cannot become a concert pianist in a month. The process takes time, please don’t rush it.  But I’ll help you do it right the first time.

2. “It’s Either A Rule, Or It’s Not.”

The entire household and all guests must be on the same page when it comes to dog rules. Since dogs will test you for breaking the rules, you must decide whether it is a rule, or it is not. You can’t bend the rules for “special occasions” and expect results, especially with very young impressionable puppies who are learning the rules slowing. Make it a rule and stick to it, or don’t make it a rule. Remember, how can he follow the rules if YOU can’t?

3. Teach Your Dog Shortcuts

Once you have begun training with Gillian, you’ll understand how to change your behaviors so that the dog changes theirs. For example: Pulling is a self-rewarding behavior. A dog knows the harder they pull, the faster they will get to what they want to see. Once you stop inadvertently rewarding a dog’s bad behavior, the dog has to figure out these new shortcuts. When you stop dead when they begin to pull, eventually they will give up and look back at you to ask what’s up… you can either reward the look back with moving forward again, or you can wait til they sit or walk slowly forward. When a dog realizes that checking in with you or walking slowly becomes the shortcut to their goal, the dog changes their behavior and pulling decreases. All without prong collars, head collars, punishments or even leash pop corrections. Simply use patience, good timing and rewards.